Manufacturing Units



S. No. Unit Name Location Products Details Production Installed Capacity
1. Heavy Structure Division Visakhapatnam Heavy Structure Steel
ISMC of 125 to 400
ISA 45X45 to 200X200
ISMB of 150 to 600
Rounds of 50mm to 200mm & H Beams: 150 & 200mm
1,80,000 MTPA
2. Hot Rolling IDA Bollaram, Telangana 1. TMT Bars 8mm to 25mm
2. MS Angles: 35X35X4 to 65X65X6
3. MS Rounds: 12mm to 40mm
4. MS Flats: 20mm to 65mm
75,000 MTPA
3. Sponge Division Suryapet Dist., Telangana Sponge Iron 2,00,000 MT
4. Hot Rolling IDA Ballaram, Telangana TMT Bars 8mm to 40mm 75,000
5. Hot Rolling with hot charging facilities Farooq Nagar Mandal, Telangana 1. MS Billets as per IS 2830
2. TMT Bars as per IS 1786:2008
MS Billets: 65,000 MTPA
TMT Bars: 75,000 MTPA
6. Cut & Bend Division Farooq Nagar Mandal, Telangana TMT Bars as per IS 1786:2008 Ready Made Steel: 1,20,000 MTPA
7. Hot Rolling Chennai Unit-1 (Manjankaranai Factory) TMT Bars 8mm to 16mm 60,000 MTPA
8. Hot Rolling Division Chennai Unit-2 (Gummidipoondi factory) TMT Bars 8mm to 16mm 70,000 MT
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